Finder X1 Titanium Earphones with Tangle Free Technology and Apple or Android Compatible Microphone
Finder X1 Non Microphone Edition featuring Titanium Housings and AFT (Acoustic Filter Tuning) Sound Customization System
Accessories for Finder X1 Titanium Earphone including Small, Medium and Large Single Flange Silicone Tips as well as Double and Triple Flange Silicone Tips. Comply T-400 Isolation Series Medium Memory Foam Tips also included. Carry case with premium design for earphone storage included.
$ 99.99

$ 159.00


Kick-Ass Titanium Earphones

Sound Amazing - Never Tangle - Won't Fall Out


Tired of your earphones breaking? Tangling? Falling out? Generally sounding worse than a Bad-American-Idol-Auditions TV marathon? We hear you. The truth is there are a lot of terrible earphones out there, and it is safe to assume that you have experienced at least a few in your lifetime.

Lucky for you, we have a solution to all of your earphone woes. By pioneering the development of German-made PEEK (Polyether Ether Keytone) material for our sound technology, the Finder represents the beginning of a new era of dynamic driver earphones that are designed for a simple purpose: sound absolutely amazing. Pairing this audiophile-grade sound quality with virtually indestructible titanium housings, along with our unique AFT (Acoustic Filter Tuning) System for sound customization, this universal earphone is the perfect companion no matter your musical preference or lifestyle.

As for tangling? With the Finder, your days of tangled earbuds are over! The Finder features our tangle-free cable technology, and whether tossed in your pocket or a cluttered bag, pull it out and you will be good to go in seconds.

Our motto? Designed for music, built for life.

Looking for a custom fit? We've got that covered too. We have partnered with the UK-based company Snugs to offer fully custom tips designed to meet the exacting specifications of your unique ears.


  • Solid titanium housing
  • Powerful and detailed sound stage
  • Naturally hypoallergenic & sweat resistant
  • Comply T-400 "Isolation Series" foam tips included
  • Tangle-free silver-plated copper cable
  • AFT (Acoustic Filter Tuning) sound customization system
  • Optional upgrade to fully custom tips via our partner Snugs

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