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Out Of This World Sound

Pro Music Meets Pro Gaming

Powerful, Expansive Audio, For Professional Gamers & Musicians

Welcome Ultimate Guitar fam! You made it this far, so allow us to introduce you to our new flagship product: The Nomad.

The Nomad represents the evolution of our sonic development, delivering detailed, honest, expansive sound, and has quickly made the podium as our new flagship in-ear monitor. Whether you are a professional musician seeking an in-ear monitor worthy of your next performance, or a serious gamer that simply wants the best audio experience ever crafted for gaming, the Nomad will rise to meet all demands.

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Nomad Technical Features

(For the techies among us...)

  • Expansive sound stage for wide-spread in-game audio performance.
  • Unobtrusive in-ear wear style, designed for use with VR headsets.
  • Tuned for professional performance with our signature PEEK dynamic driver technology for powerful & detailed audio.
  • Constructed from solid titanium housings for best-in-class durability.
  • Comply™ thermal reactive ear-tips for military-grade noise isolation & "universal custom" fit.
  • Unique Echobox "Tangle-Free" Cable Technology for more enjoyment with less mess.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, sweat resistant and "throw resistant" to withstand any gaming tirades.
  • Signature Echobox AFT (Acoustic Filter Tuning) sound customization system to fine tune your sonic presentation.
  • Replaceable MMCX cable connection for upgrade capability (you can even go Bluetooth by getting one of these).