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Pro Music Meets Pro Hardware

Powerful, Expansive Audio From EchoBox Teams Up With
Durable, Affordable Hardware For Gamers From EchoGear

Welcome everyone! You made it this far, so allow us to introduce you to the coolest new collaborative giveaway on the internet! 

The Audio Equipment (EchoBox):

EchoBox is a world renowned portable audio company who have developed an international reputation for crafting some of the highest quality, and most affordable, earphones on the planet (and beyond...?!).

Our flagship performance earphone, the Nomad, represents the evolution of our sonic development, delivering detailed, honest, expansive sound, and has quickly made the podium as our new flagship in-ear monitor. Whether you are a professional musician seeking an in-ear monitor worthy of your next performance, or a serious gamer that simply wants the best audio experience ever crafted for gaming, the Nomad will rise to meet all demands.

The Gaming Hardware (EchoGear):

EchoGear has a fever, and the only prescription is upgrading your gear. From TV mounts and stands to shelves and surge protectors, we've got your back when it comes to improving your TV viewing experience, enhancing your gaming abilities, or simply powering your devices. 

We don’t mess around. We’re driven by making sure we never leave our customers hanging. Just check out all of our stellar reviews online! You deserve the best entertainment experience without sacrificing quality and spending your whole paycheck. Guess what? We’ll help you through the entire process, too. Why? Because we like to help and it's our passion to provide authentic service. We’re looking forward to making your life easier and more enjoyable. Cheers to both of us.

In the first ever collaboration between ECHOGEAR & ECHOBOX, we have teamed up to offer an out of this world giveaway! For a limited time, just by entering your email, you will have a shot at winning a FREE Nomad earphone, and a FREE EchoGear gaming monitor of your choice!

Echo Echo

Nomad Technical Features

(For the techies among us...)

  • Expansive sound stage for wide-spread in-game audio performance.
  • Unobtrusive in-ear wear style, designed for use with VR headsets.
  • Tuned for professional performance with our signature PEEK dynamic driver technology for powerful & detailed audio.
  • Constructed from solid titanium housings for best-in-class durability.
  • Comply™ thermal reactive ear-tips for military-grade noise isolation & "universal custom" fit.
  • Unique Echobox "Tangle-Free" Cable Technology for more enjoyment with less mess.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, sweat resistant and "throw resistant" to withstand any gaming tirades.
  • Signature Echobox AFT (Acoustic Filter Tuning) sound customization system to fine tune your sonic presentation.
  • Replaceable MMCX cable connection for upgrade capability (you can even go Bluetooth by getting one of these).
Echogear Standard Mount

Echogear Mount Technical Features

  • Go big or go… small. We don't discriminate: Designed for mounting any monitor 10"-30", all depending on your specific gaming needs.
  • All gamers welcome here: Designed to deliver perfect-angle play, whether you're a PC player or console gaming on a smaller monitor.
  • Zero tools, 13.25" of height adjustment, 100% strain-free. Treat yo' neck!
  • We put in the effort so you don't have to: Get the perfect gaming angle quickly and easily with butter-smooth, tool-free monitor adjustments.
  • Switch your screen from landscape to portrait viewing with nothing but your mind… and your hands.
  • Seriously solid, bump-proof mount design holds your monitor safe and steady… even when things get a little crazy.
  • Monitor mount provides a cool, clean gaming space fit for a pro with built-in cord-hiding channels and nearly-hidden hardware