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About Us

About Echobox Audio

The year was 2015 and the audio equipment industry was cluttered, chaotic and above all else, profitable. Companies whose leadership had dominated for years were fading away into the shadows, and relative newcomers to the scene were stepping forth to overtake them at lightning speeds. Statistically speaking, more people were purchasing headphones and earphones than ever before in history and the industry was booming. There was a problem though that had started almost a decade before, and by this time, was now industry-wide and threatening. If exposed, this would change the perception of consumers forever. Companies who had built their reputation and global foothold on the premise of high-quality products were now carrying a dark secret: their products were no longer high quality. In fact, their entire focus had changed to abandon the pursuit of quality and instead chase higher profit margins obtained through cheaply-made products and high profile marketing campaigns. This strategy had worked for them for years of lucrative end-of-year financial reports, but the world of audio consumers is filled with highly intelligent and perceptive individuals...and they were beginning to take notice.

Feeling frustrated by the newly established principles of lower quality, higher margin, marketing-driven products, a group of dedicated music lovers decided to take matters into their own hands and start a revolution to buck the trend and bring quality back to the industry. Thus the idea for Echobox was born with the simple goal to make the world’s highest quality audio products and offer them to music lovers around the world for reasonable & fair prices.

With this vision, the team set out to launch their journey with a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo in order to raise the necessary funds and simultaneously captivate a generation of like-minded "audiophiles" who would help breathe life into this music revolution. Following a successful campaign, a two year product development round was initiated that resulted in the creation of a new line of world-class earphones all forged from solid Titanium housings and featuring an evolutionary new driver technology made from German-manufactured PEEK diaphragms.

The results were in and the verdict was clear: Echobox products were amazing by all standards! A new bar of durability had been set with the use of Titanium and a new standard of sound established through the use of sophisticated driver design. Most importantly, however, this level of quality is being offered at prices that not only compete with their low-quality counterparts, but in many cases are offered for prices that are even lower.

The revolution to reclaim high quality sound has started...are you in?  

Our Code Of Ethics

Echobox employs a diverse group of individuals and places a high value on treating all people with dignity and respect. We foster an environment free from discrimination based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, marital and/or family status, age, handicap or disability, or military status. When representing Echobox, it is an expectation and requirement to treat all individuals with kindness and respect.