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The "Not-So-Entry-Level" Titanium Earphones

Titanium Body - Professional Sound Quality - PEEK Dynamic Drivers

Let's cut to the chase, shall we? These earphones are insanely good, and in all honesty we should probably be charging a lot more money for them. Motivated as we are by our desire to "make the world a better place by harnessing the power of music", we felt it would be a better idea to essentially give these away in the hopes of building a new generation of audiophiles to join us in our mission. With the sad variety of low-quality earphones saturating today's market, it's time to buck the trend and embrace the elevated listening experience you deserve.

In all seriousness, these earphones are truly incredible and by every standard an outstanding achievement of sonic excellence. By using the highest quality materials and cutting edge engineering, the Traveler represents the perfect balance of powerful, authentic sound, and next-level durability to withstand the wear and tear of rugged daily use.

As for tangling? With the Traveler, your days of tangled earbuds are over! The Traveler features our tangle-free cable technology, and whether tossed in your pocket or a cluttered bag, pull it out and you will be good to go in seconds.

Looking for a custom fit? We've got that covered too. We have partnered with the UK-based company Snugs to offer fully custom tips designed to meet the exacting specifications of your unique ears.


  • German-made PEEK dynamic drivers
  • Features Comply T-400 “Isolation Series” memory foam tips
  • Modern design and variety of colors
  • Sweat resistant solid titanium housings
  • Tangle-free cable technology
  • Enhanced noise isolation
  • Microphone for phone calls & playback control
  • Optional upgrade to full custom tips via our partner Snugs

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