TrulyNet: Echobox Finder X1 Titanium Earphones: You Won’t Miss Plastic!

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It’s still a shame when we see folks listening to their ‘stock’ earbuds- the ones that come with your phone or mobile device. With so many great options out there, there are very few good reasons not to upgrade or swap for some that offer better sound and won’t tangle. And sure, there are better plastic models on the market, ones that are waterproof or built for exercise use for instance, or wireless Bluetooth versions that offer noise-cancelling.

But metal is really where it’s at, for durability. And while some metals add a fair bit of weight, the Echobox Finder X1 Earphones use titanium- which they boast offers ‘double the strength-to-weight ratio of steel’. These are a single-driver model, without a lot extra features, but a good story- they are actually a first generation product, and an initial product release from the firm. If you haven’t heard of them, that might be because they are only a couple of years old, having raised around $75k on IndieGoGo and aiming to release an Android portable music player called the Explorer in the near-term.


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