PC Mag: Tidal's iPod? Hands On With Echobox's Flask-Shaped Explorer X1

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BERLIN—With Apple paying less and less attention to its iPod line, maybe it's time for some other players to step up. In recent months we've seen Neil Young's Toblerone-like Pono Player, the music-focused London smartphone from Marshall, as well as more mainstream devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which claim to play high-res, 24-bit audio.

Here at IFA, we got a close look at the Echobox Explorer X1, which looks to be the official music player for Jay Z's struggling hi-def music service Tidal. According to George Gill, Echobox's chief development officer, the Explorer X1 will probably come with three months of free hi-fi Tidal service (a $60 value) and, as I saw, there's a Tidal logo right on the home screen.


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