Gear Patrol: Hi-Fi Headphones for the Masses, Starting at $100

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Echobox Audio, a California-based audio company, wants to make hi-fi headphones more affordable. After a successful Indiegogo campaign in 2015, the company is launching three in-ear hi-fi headphones, priced between $100 and $300, in June 2017. The brand’s headphone drivers utilize a material called “PEEK” — short for polyetheretherketone, a high-tensile polymer — that can be cut extremely thin and still handle a lot of power, according to Sam McKinney, CCO at Echobox. The drivers are also housed in titanium chambers. “What you end up with,” says McKinney, “is a very tiny single dynamic driver with a soundstage that is really closer to an over-ear headphone that’s fifteen to twenty times its size.”



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