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Titanium Earphones With Extraordinary Sound

Forged from aerospace grade Titanium & precision tuned drivers, our earphones redefine the possibilities of audio.

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EPIC Gaming Audio for Pro Gamers

Step up your game with our Nomad & Traveler pro gaming earphones and experience powerful, immersive gaming audio.

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Every Echobox earphone comes equipped with Comply Foam thermal-reactive memory foam ear tips for best-in-class isolation against intrusive outside noise.

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Echobox + TIDAL

We are proud to partner with TIDAL, a high fidelity music streaming platform designed for music lovers who expect zero-compromise when listening on the go.

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In The Press

"HiFi Headphones for the Masses" Gear Patrol Magazine
"The Echobox Audio Finder X1 headphones build quality and high resolution sound will attract admirers" CNET
"The Echobox Finder X1i earphones deliver a very bright, clear audio experience with accurate bass response" PC MAG
"Echobox is changing the game when it comes to sleek, durable earphones" SoundGuys
"The Echobox Finder X1 in-ear headphones are simply amazing in the sound department and they blew me away" Techaeris
"It looks like a flask, but the Echobox Explorer hides high-proof music" Digital Trends