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Welcome to echobox audio

We've searched long and far to find the best possible materials to create our earphones. We guarantee that you'll love them. Not only will you be getting that signature "Echobox Audio" quality, but you receive a customer service team whenever you need assistance, a new friend, and a new addition to a world of music that you've never been able to witness before.

Don't Take Our Word For it! Here's What Our Customers Think:

Perfect Balance of Size and Power. Echobox has managed to succeed where many other earphones have failed.

Tasteful, titanium, tiny earbuds deliver tantalizing sound.


Bringing Hi-Fi to the Masses.

Gear Patrol Magazine

It looks like a flask, but the Echobox Explorer hides high-proof music.

Digital Trends

Echobox is changing the game when it comes to sleek, durable earphones.


The Echobox Finder X1 in-ear headphones are simply amazing in the sound department and they blew me away



Hear the world on your terms by controlling the sound around you. Innovative technologies in echobox earphones amplify softer sounds. Chalk it up to a passion for the perfect and more of building more outstanding audio devices.


The real art of high-end audio components is to add nothing to and take nothing from the original signal. Connect one of our special amplifiers, made with the finest technology and materials, to produce a signal strength appropriate for your output.


When you’re raising your game, you expect your gear to keep up. Echobox earphones are up for the challenge, with the performance you need to push further and power your gaming. 

innovation like you've never seen

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world's first titanium bluetooth earphones

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we. are. audio.

more than an earphone - we're a lifestyle

Echobox was made by music lovers, passionate about good quality. We believe that you shouldn't have to pay a million dollars for that million dollar quality. If you're looking to upgrade, the Echobox Audio team is here to help you with any questions you may have. Welcome to the Evolution of Audio.